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Materials for Loan

Materials for Loan

KGMB is happy to lend a variety of materials to local educators.  Materials may be checked out in 2 week increments. Please contanct our Education Coordinator for information about reserving any of these items.

Pedal Power Energy Bike

The Pedal Power is a tool that you can use in your classroom to teach about energy production, use, and conservation. Students ride a stationary bike to power a generator, which in turn powers incandescent light bulbs, compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), light emitting diodes (LEDs), a TV, a hair dryer, a radio, a fan, and more. This activity will teach students how much energy it takes to power these common electrical conveniences we use everyday and how important it is to turn them off when not in use (or not use them at all). KEEP (Wisconsin K-12 Energy Education Program) has generously made this Pedal Power available for KGMB to lend. Learn more about the Pedal Power here.

Paper Making Supplies

Make recycled paper with your students, club, or at your event. Our papermaking supplies include blenders, screens, buckets, rags, and simple directions to make small pieces of recycled paper. Each kit includes enough supplies for 15 people to be making paper at a time. We will also include 1 bag of shredded paper to get you started. $50; $35 classroom rate.

Solar Oven

Explore the power of the sun with our solar oven! Use it to cook or bake a variety of food items or create shrinky-dinks with the included plastic sheets. Fun for STEAM activities, learning about thermal energy, or as a fun way to celebrate a successful harvest from a garden, reserve the solar oven today. $50; $35 classroom rate.

Carnival Games

KGMB has several games that can make your event fun for all ages! We have a trivia wheel with 6 colored categories (use our environmental trivia, or create your own!), bean bag toss, and a fishing wall. $20 each.

Curriculum Trunks

KGMB has several trunks with lesson plans and supplies to complete a variety of lessons on a variety of topics. Each trunk contains 5 - 10 hands-on lessons that are aligned to CCSS and NGSS learning standards and the materials to complete the lessons. Trunks are $35 for a two-week loan period.

  • Butterflies and Flowers Outdoor Learning Trunks (K - 2nd Grade)
  • Birds and Trees Outdoor Learning Trunks (3 - 5th Grade)
  • Environmental STEAM Design Challenge Trunks (6 - 8th Grade)


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