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ShoeBox Recycling Program

ShoeBox Recycling Program

New ShoeBox Recycling Program!

KGMB and Recycling
KGMB is implementing the ShoeBox recycling program.  Not only does this reduce the number of shoes going to the landfill, but it will help someone in need.

Here’s how you can help
If you are interested in receiving a ShoeBox to use for accepting donations at your work, school, etc. or have any questions, please contact Betsy.  Instructions, promotional materials and mailing labels are included with each box.

Shoe donations are accepted at our office as well - 1313 W. Mt. Vernon Ave.

Please: All shoes need to be reusable - no wet or mildew pairs, no flip flops, no heavy winter boots, no slippers, no Uggs, no crocs, no ice skates, no roller blades, no single shoes or thrift store shoes. Someone will wear the shoes you send.

*If you have old tennis shoes to recycle, please see the sidebar for recycling locations.

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