Keep greater Milwaukee Beautiful
What We Do

What We Do

Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful serves as an open forum for debate and discussion addressing environmental issues and working on viable solutions. Programming is designed to establish positive approaches to solving waste, water and environmental challenges by changing attitudes and behavior.

Help Keep Our Community Clean, Healthy & Beautiful
Thousands of tons of litter are cleaned up annually from Milwaukee County parks, river parkways, public lands and neighborhoods through KGMB-facilitated cleanup campaigns, such as The Great American Cleanup, which occurs every spring from March through May. Focusing on litter cleanup and prevention, waste reduction, recycling, beautification, and anti-graffiti keeps our communities clean, healthy and beautiful. Click here to

Provide Programs and Assistance for Business
Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful works with hundreds of businesses and industries locally and nationwide and serves as a resource, reaching out to an even greater number. Programs include the Annual Environmental Business, Industry & Government Seminar, which provides an annual forum for education and interaction among business, industry and government each spring.
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Educate Our Children
Children learn the concepts of reduce, reuse, recycle, compost and litter prevention through KGMB tours, conservation of natural resources, field trips and educational outreach booths throughout the year. Activities emphasize interactive hands-on, minds-on experiences. 
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Educate the Community and Provide Access to Resources
Facilitated by KGMB, the Milwaukee Environmental Education Resource and Tour Center (MEERTC) serves all sectors of the community for public use. KGMB serves as a community resource, answering thousands of questions annually for those calling the Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful hotline at (414) 272-5462 (KGMB).
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Keep Community Service and Volunteerism a Priority
Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful is one of the largest volunteer organizations in the metropolitan Milwaukee community. Thousands of volunteers join in KGMB programs and community service and outreach activities.
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Recognize Leadership in Our Community
Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful Programs such as the IDEAL Awards gives KGMB an opportunity to thank businesses, organizations, volunteers, members and others in the community who dedicate themselves to working together. Their efforts benefit our community and help further the mission of Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful, Inc.
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Greening Milwaukee
Greening Milwaukee’s mission is to increase the tree canopy in SE Wisconsin through programs of environmental education, awareness, and advice. Greening Milwaukee is a driving force utilizing a volunteer force to reforest Milwaukee by planting trees, causing trees to be planted, and providing technical information and increased access to tree stocks to city/county residents. Programs include Adopt A Tree, Mayor’s Landscape Awards, Greening Milwaukee Schools, and Canopy 2020.
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Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful Inc.
1313 W. Mount Vernon Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53233-2620
Phone: (414)272-5462 Fax: (414)272-5060