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Irish Fest

Irish Fest

Milwaukee Irish Fest

Greenwish Village

A long standing tradition at KGMB, Greenwish Village is a place of fun and learning for visitors of all ages. For more than 20 years Greenwish Village has promoted "green" the color most associated with the Irish, with environmentally-focused games, special activities, and prizes.  

Join us to see the Power of Green as we explore different ways we use and conserve energy!  Greenwish Village is located on the south side of the Henry Maier Festival Grounds and will be open August 19, 20, and 21st 2016 until 7 PM each evening.  


Children learn about what recyclables are magnetic by playing Reel For Steel.

Interested in volunteering for this event?

Help KGMB promote conservation and being green at Greenwish Village. Supervise games and crafts. Volunteers receive a gate pass, reduced fee parking, and food coupons for the day they volunteer.  Volunteer shifts are each 4 hours long.  The volunteer schedule is usually made in early July.  Register for the 2016 shifts online today!  To recieve notifications about volunteering at Irish Fest, please sign up for our Volunteer E-newsleeter.  Youth are welcome to volunteer at this event as well, but need a Youth Permission Form completed and turned in to KGMB. 

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator at or 272-54652 x104 with any questions!

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