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Rain Gardens

Rain Gardens

What is a rain garden?
Rain gardens, quite simply, are gardens that soak up rain from your roof, driveway, sidewalk or yard. They are slightly different from your typical flower garden.

Rain gardens are planted with wild flowers and deep-rooted native vegetation, which helps the ground soak up more water. They are typically placed near downspouts on a home to capture water, so the runoff can gradually soak into the ground.

Why should I install a rain garden?
According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, rain gardens can absorb 30 percent more water than a conventional, well manicured, lawn. By directing the water into the ground, we're protecting our rivers and lakes from pollution while cleaning stormwater at the same time.

Rain gardens provide the following benefits:

  • They help reduce the amount of water that runs off your yard and into the sewer system, cutting down on the risk of sewer overflows and basement backups.
  • Rain gardens prevent stormwater from picking up pollution as it washes across yards, driveways and parking lots on the way to the nearest river or lake.
  • Plants, roots, soils and sand from your garden cleanse and purify stormwater as it soaks into the ground. Rain gardens can help recharge drinking water supplies and aquifers.
  • They add beauty to your yard and neighborhood while providing valuable wildlife habitat.

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