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Recycling at Home

Recycling at Home

Why Recycle at Home?

  • Using recycled materials uses much less energy than its newly made counterpart.
  • Recycling saves countless resources that are in the process of being depleted
  • Proper recycling can reduce water and air pollution necessary to our survival
  • Recycling is a source of jobs in our tough economic times
  • Since 1995 the law requires it’s citizens to recycle to better our environment

What can I recycle at home?
Most Communities can recycle paper, metal, glass, and plastic.  However, each communtiy has their own method of collection as well as unique guidelines. Visit RecycleMoreWisconsin to see what is recyclable in your community. Click here to LEARN MORE.

KGMB and Recycling
KGMB offers environmental education programs on recycling.  Click here to learn more! KGMB offers tours of the Milwaukee Recycling Facility.  Schedule a tour today!

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