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All About Recycling

All About Recycling

Each person in Wisconsin creates almost 2000 pounds of waste per year! Although we recycle 34% of this Wisconsin there is so much more we can do.  On this page you will find some easy, and even fun, ways you can make a difference.  There are many ways you can take a part in recycling and bettering our environment.

See how your current lifestyle and daily choices impact the environment. Click here to LEARN MORE.

Cell Phone and Inkjet Recycling
Upgrading to a touch phone is no excuse to toss your old one! Click here to LEARN MORE.

Battery Recycling
Find out how to get rid of your old batteries instead of just throwing them away. Click here to LEARN MORE.

Reuse A Shoe
See how your old shoes could be recycled into a new playground. Click here to LEARN MORE.

Electronics Recycling
Find out where you can send your old electronics to be recycled. Click here to LEARN MORE.

Find out how simple composting your household and yard can be. Click here to LEARN MORE.

Recycling at Home
Learn the basics of recyclig and find your communities guidelines. Click here to LEARN MORE.

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